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The Internet for VoIP GSM Gateways in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia is one of the fastest developing countries in the Middle East. No wonder that the country has long been using the high-quality fiber-optic Internet coverage. However, despite the high speed in the network, the strict censorship poses its mark on the termination. In particular, you will need SIP-encryption when exchanging traffic between VoIP GSM gateways and the SIM-bank.

Until recently, all data has had to be passed via www.naseej.com.sa, with the main provider-monopolist connected to it. By '98 STC had remained the main provider of telecommunication services. Recently, the situation has changed.

The government approved proposals of 40 providers, provided that they connect to the main server KACST to filter all data. To date, only 10 of them deal with the cable Internet.

The most beneficial for VoIP GSM termination conditions that Cyberia, SPSnet, STC, Atheer, AwalNet offer. Cyberia offers lowest payment - from $18.99 for 15 GB with a speed of 4 to 6 Mb/s. However, if you want to install the VoIP GSM gateways and terminate the traffic, you are better off buying packages that provide unlimited traffic volume. They are much more expensive - up to $74 per month. SPSnet offers similar packages at a bit more expensive price from $10.67 to $121.33 per month, at a rate of 128 - 4,096 Kb/s.

GoAntiFraud offers great opportunities for GoIP equipment users by EjoinTech & ChinaSkyline, Topex who do GSM termination. We provide efficient tools for the protection of SIM-cards from AntiFraud systems so your business will make more profits. You can buy a standard GoAntiFraud license or take advantage of our offers NewBusiness for beginners and Corporate Solution for GSM termination professionals.

Proposals that are more expensive come from Atheer and AwalNet. Using them, terminators will have to pay 80 dollars per month and 134.66 per month, respectively. However, proposing high prices, they are the most favorable providers for the VoIP GSM termination. Atheer provides the Internet speed no less than 1 MB/s, while AwalNet can actually increase the speed up to 20 MB/s, which means high quality of the voice signal on the line.

It is not difficult to find a dealer in Saudi Arabia as well. Almost all providers have local lines in the largest cities of the country. STC has local nets practically everywhere. Cyberia operates using only landlines (01 - 09).

However, the terminator should bear in mind that in order to connect to the Internet in Saudi Arabia, you need a landline, a copy of the identity card and a copy of the last phone bill. The applicant for connection should own the telephone line. This may scare off terminators. Although if you rent an apartment and install GoIP gateways in it, then the owner of the apartment will have to produce these papers.

More about GSM-operators for termination in Saudi Arabia here.

GoAntiFraud is a cloud service for both VoIP GSM termination professionals as well as for start-up entrepreneurs who have decided to start a business in this area. We offer a comprehensive solution to bypass AntiFraud systems, workflow automation and remote control over GSM gateways/SIM-banks. Our company also sells GoIP equipment by EjoinTech & ChinaSkyline for businesses of all sizes.

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