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Which is the best operator for VoIP termination in Egypt

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To date, in Egypt, there are about 97 million GSM subscribers. Vodafone keeps the leading positions with 39,717 billion customers. Mobinil provides services for a bit less than 33.53 million customers, as well as there are with 22.4 million Etisalat subscribers.

And if you happen to be a VoIP GSM terminator in Egypt, then you should probably know how traffic is distributed among these operators to pick up the cheapest tariff packages.

The most obvious solution is to choose the operator who has a largest number of subscribers. In this case, it should be Vodafone. However, here comes the operator’s AntiFraud system into play. Among the three GSM-operators in Egypt, Vodafone and Mobinil have the most stringent AntiFraud systems. These are the two international operators who invest in developing their own AntiFraud systems, so terminators’ cards will live the least in their networks.

Accordingly, the cost of traffic for VoIP GSM termination provided by these operators will be much more expensive, because you need to often load new SIM-cards in the channels of GoIP gateways.

Want to start the GSM termination business in Egypt ? We offer you NewBusiness package for beginners, which will ensure you have a successful start. The solution from GoAntiFraud includes the necessary VoIP equipment, tools to protect against the SIM-block, as well as software to computerize the operation and remote control over GSM gateways.

In turn, Etisalat, new to the Egyptian market, wants to acquire a large subscriber base and surely lower the price for GSM communication, which gives VoIP terminators opportunity to pay less per minute and put a low price to process traffic.

Especially that according to research, the Etisalat Ahlan tariffs offer the lowest price. You can buy a package for $3.19. You do not need to make any additional and obligatory payments.

Moreover, when the AntiFraud system is properly configured, the average service life of a SIM-card increases to 7 days. Thus, a minute of conversation will cost a terminator some $0.002.

Considering that Egypt accounts for up to 20k minutes of traffic on the average, the opportunity to earn using even Etisalat tariffs is more than tempting.

More about tariff packages GSM-operator Etisalat here.

Your GSM termination business Egypt can bring you more profits! Connect your equipment by EjoinTech & China Skyline, GoIP or Topex to GoAntiFraud to provide 100% productivity. You'll make more money as soon as the first months of work with the service.

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