16-Feb-2016 13:26

Review of AntiFraud-Systems in Russia


To date, AntiFraud of any operator in Russia originally handles a filter algorithm for the database and models of communication that track SIM-cards using the most basic parameters of humanity: the volume of outgoing / incoming calls. Naturally, it is very difficult to optimize the system to keep track of the activity of all SIM-cards for a long period and requires a lot of computing power. Therefore, operators continue to invest huge amounts of money in the development of AntiFraud systems toprotect against business VoIP solutions.

First of all, budgets are spent on creating algorithms for prediction and probability, assessment of discredited objects, statistical calculation of the SDR (subscriber behavior) and the filter of "newcomers" database. In order not to extend the assessment of SIM-cards for a long period, operators tend to weed out calls using secondary indicators: the number of calls per region and to other operators, USSD-requests, outgoing SMS, the check AntiFraud by region, exit code, IP, referral data, and so forth.

You can also get caught by general systems of operators to detect a fraud. The most basic are estimate of the CDR amount a day and signaling units, including FMS. Many of them use checking system Workflow, FraudView, based on SS7. The main circuit connection is FHS-01.

To prevent blocking of SIM-cards, use GoAntiFraud. Efficient tools for the simulation of human behavior on the GSM networks will allow you to significantly increase your revenues.

MegaFon applies the most powerful system in Russia in the international roaming to battle against VoIP service providers. In turn, Beeline uses the system of dual awareness at 80% of servers. According to users’ feedback, MTS utilizes the most serious antifraud system (packages "Ultra" and "Business without Borders").

MTS have special programs connected and continuously monitor users’ cards of these packages. The fact is that the suspicious SIM-cards (even with a history of use) are blocked for 15 minutes. Optimal operation of one of the cards is 30 minutes a day; no more than 20 calls can be missed. The cards in the regions are monitored less closely.

When using the fraud unskillfully, the minimum amount of time in which the cardin VoIP routes of any operator can operate is no more than 2 days. However, there were cases that the SIM cards were blocked in 40 minutes after the package had been activated. Such SIM cards can operate for a month. Although, if actively used, they can operate active for not more than 4 days on average.

More about tariff packages of Russia GSM-operators here.

GoAntiFraud will allow you to minimize the risks of the SIM-lock in the GSM termination. Reduce business costs on the purchase of new SIM-cards by buying the service license and you will get more profit!

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