11-Jan-2016 14:47

MegaFon Tariff Plans


MegaFon is one of the largest mobile operators in Russia. It ranks the second as the number of users after MTS, with about 73.8 million subscribers over the past year.

When choosing between MegaFon and MTS, terminators should focus on the traffic volume and activity in the network what is IP telephony system can process. We should note that based on the feedback on MegaFon operation, it does not use such a powerful Antifraud as MTS, which allows VoIP GSM gateways to spend all the money in the SIM-card accounts.

GoAntiFraud offers great opportunities for GoIP equipment users by EjoinTech & ChinaSkyline, Topex whodo GSM termination. We provide efficient tools for the protection of SIM-cards from AntiFraud systems so your business will make more profits. You can buy a standard GoAntiFraud license or take advantage of our offers NewBusiness for beginners and Corporate Solution for GSM termination professionals.

The most advantageous of all operators for the termination in Moscow and its region is obviously the Moscow Region tariff - 0.60 kopecks a minute, regardless of the operator. This tariff grants best VoIP for business wholesale termination. 200 minutes will cost 120 rubles on average. One of the main benefits is no monthly advance payment and it costs 300 rubles, compared with packages "All Inclusive S” and “M”. Compared to other packages, which cost starting from 400 rubles, Podmoscovny, perhaps, is a win-win, even if the AntiFraud system rapidly blocks a SIM-card.

However, if you’ve got VoIP routers covering the whole of Russia, it is better off focusing on "All-Inclusive XS” package. It costs as little as 220 rubles a month. That is 7.85 rubles a day without special limits on calls. Taking into account the average service life of SIM-cards, using this package will cost about 31.40 rubles a day. Another nice benefit of MegaFon package is relatively low rates for calls to subscribers of other operators: 2.5 rubles a minute.

More about key features of VoIP market in Russia here.

GoAntiFraud is a cloud service for both VoIP GSM termination professionals as well as for start-up entrepreneurs who have decided to start a business in this area. We offer acomprehensive solution to bypass AntiFraud systems, workflow automation and remote control over GSM gateways/SIM-banks. Our company also sells GoIP equipment by EjoinTech & ChinaSkyline for businesses of all sizes.

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