17-Dec-2015 16:06

Uzbekistan: cost and quality of the Internet


Due to the extensive labor diaspora, Uzbekistan is considered one of the most promising countries for the termination. However, tariffs for services remained unjustifiably high for a long time because of monopoly. Not so long ago Uzbektelecom lowered its prices. To date, s the provider asks $ 11 for the speed of 520 Kb/s. According to Feedback from users, it is one of the best providers regarding the traffic, speed and cost across the country wich will grant best VoIP ASR.

Strange as it may seem, the tariffs and quality of the connection, regardless of region, are practically identical. Therefore, terminators are better off connecting the GoIP equipment not in the capital but in the cities far from Tashkent. Alas, not all providers offer a high quality and low-cost traffic throughout the country. Many small providers’ coverage is limited only to the capital or big cities.

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Beeline and Gals Telecom are the optimum in terms of cost and traffic after Uzbektelecom. Unlike their competitors, these companies ask as little as $ 4.45 for 4 Mb/ s. You can successfully carry out web call termination using one of the 6 “Beeline” internet-packages starting from a 1,100 Mb traffic for as little as $ 10. Gals Telecom also provides a limited (up to 100 MB) and free internet time (up to 45,000 Mb) for as little as $4.

It is worth noting TPS, an Internet service provider, which offers the fastest bitrate of the best quality voice over internet service. It provides the bitrate up to 1024 KB / sec. However, you have to pay for the quality and bitrate. A monthly fee amounts to up to $ 50 per 2,048 KB / sec and $30 to $55 for up to 29,000 MB. Based on the preliminary estimates and subject to stable traffic volumes, these prices can be compensated by the difference of the rental of premises in regional centers and the capital. Fortunately, TPS covers all big cities of Uzbekistan.

More information about termination in Uzbekistan here.

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