15-Dec-2015 12:26

Top 5 Speed Test Tools for VoIP


One of the most important components of VoIP-termination is an internet connection. ASR of the terminated traffic directly depends on a low ping and a package loss percentage. We have prepared a list of best voip service and online tools for a daily quick network testing.

Speedtest.net is, perhaps, the most popular and widely used service to check the quality of the connection. It delivers outstanding bitrate results, ping, as well as an opportunity to test the response, depending on the location of your voip gateway.

ZDNet Broadband Speed Test is a simple tool to test the network bitrate and therefore quality of telephonie ip. This test allows obtaining one-click bitrate results, without using any extra parameters: ping and package loss percentage.

Freeola Broadband Line Quality Test provides detailed statistical data on the stability and efficiency of the network. In addition, for beginners, the website provides an intelligible glossary of terms as to the quality assurance of your Internet connection and internet call

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Pingtest.net is a successor of speedtest, has a friendly interface and provides the opportunity to measure the package loss percentage, depending on the location of the servers. Alas, the list of locations is limited to Europe and the United States.

8x8 VoIP Readiness Test is the perfect solution to test the network for the purpose of VoIP telephony. It can simulate a VoIP-traffic up to 100 lines and select the duration of the test to trace the dynamics of the network performance under continuous load.

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