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VoIP Providers That Support T38


As the progress develops, and VoIP technology came to exist, fax messages seem not so relevant. However, this is not the case: many large companies still use fax to send messages, considering this method of communication the safest to date.

Because, instead of outdated analog phones, modern VoIP fax machines are applied. The transfer of documents is carried out either by means of SIP-trunking services provided by providers that support T38.

The category of biggest voip providers, as a rule, provides a range of the services including the ability to send faxes as they seek to meet all needs of the modern customer. Equipment and IP PBX, which they use, support the T38 protocol, to send fax messages. However, before you pay for these services, check with your provider whether it supports conversion of T30 to T38. If not, you will not be able to receive documents from subscribers using analog faxes.

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Since T38 is developed as a protocol to send/receive faxes via the VoIP network in real time, it increases the reliability of data transmission. But it's not all that simple. Often the voip termination provider cannot provide guaranteed delivery of faxes. Moreover, there is a problem of incompatibility of the equipment because not every gateway supports T38. Critics say the use of this protocol consumes a lot of traffic as it requires that networks work using high bandwidth and lack of delay. If there is jitter observed in the VoIP network, it is necessary to set up the duplication of packages. This greatly increases the Internet connection charges.

As an alternative to providers that support the T38 protocol, many use a VoIP system with the codec G.711, which also provides for faxing. It is believed that this codec is more suitable for use in local networks because it is unstable when data is sent out.

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