03-Oct-2016 10:06

GoIP GSM Gateway 4 is the Best Choice to Begin GSM Termination


If you are just planning to start a GSM termination business, you have to consider a lot of nuances. In addition to the selection of the country to profitably invest in, the search of traffic suppliers, installation and configuration of specialized software, you need to give due consideration to the purchase of VoIP equipment.

The wrong choice of GSM gateways for the start of the business may backfire. The equipment does not pay off in the short term and will bring you losses instead of profits.

At the beginning of your path to success in the GSM termination, the GoIP gateway will be an ideal solution. This brand is used by two Chinese device manufacturers - DBL Technology and Hybertone. They are popular due to the minimum price and the optimal feature set. Having a small initial capital, GoIP gateways will provide you with the ability to quickly start a business that brings a steady income. Having defined the brand of equipment, you must select the number of channels in the GSM gateway.

Expand capabilities of GoIP equipment by connecting it to GoAntiFraud! We provide proven tools to increase the efficiency of GSM termination. Our service will help extend the lifespan of SIM-cards, computerize workflows, and remotely manage GoIP equipment from anywhere in the world.

The best option for the beginner is a GoIP 400 gateway. This is the device with 4 channels that can simultaneously make up to 4 calls. That is, you can use the four SIM-cards for the termination in a single gateway. Thus, during 5 hours of the smooth operation, you will be able to land up to 1,200 minutes. For the first time, it is a sufficient amount of traffic for stable earnings.

It is inappropriate to buy multichannel gateways that have multiple ports at the initial stages of your work. Part of the GSM-channels will not be used for termination because at first it is hard to find proven originators, providing a big amount of traffic. Purchased equipment will not pay off, and you are going to lose a lot of money.

GoAntiFraud offers you the goip 4 gateways at low prices. We cooperate directly with Hybertone, therefore we deliver the equipment at the best price. To expand the capabilities of the Chinese gateways, you can connect to our GoAntiFraud service, created for successful GSM termination. It is a comprehensive solution that provides computerized control of GoIP and EjoinTech & ChinaSkyline equipment.

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