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The Main Advantages of GoIP 16


Seasoned terminators often set up GoIP 16 and 32, while beginners usually connect 4-8-ports devices. Installation of the multichannel equipment allows earning profits efficiently and rapidly as one minute is multiplied by the number of ports in the device, in this case it is a 16-port device.

Using the equipment, you can simultaneously make calls and receive calls via multiple channels and forward them from one format to another.

The GOIP 16 Gateway is a multifunctional device, designed for working with GSM and IP PBX that works using protocols H.323 and the SIP, PPPOE, IP ISP, DSL, RFC 2516, RFC2543, RFC3261. It supports Stage Dialing, Speed Dial, and Caller ID that allow you to experience the comfort of the VoIP telephony. By means of the above protocols and functions transfer of files over long distances is prompt and of high quality.

Installing GoIP 16 is the optimum solution to establish call-centers, organize offices, hotlines and terminate in large volumes. The equipment is used by providers, system integrators, home users. The device is suitable for companies that expand their communication. It is indispensable for installing telephone lines in places that are hard to reach.

A 16-channel gateway is a compact device that can be installed anywhere. Experienced terminators usually connect several of the, in different places, together with the SIM-bank and SIM-server, and redirect calls to any phone anywhere. The system is coordinated from a comfortable office, regardless of the location of the equipment.

Connect to GoAntiFraud to obtain solid income in GSM termination. GoAntiFraud provides an opportunity for you to run a profitable business using efficient tools to simulate human behavior on the network. We can help you customize the logic of termination in accordance with the features of your country, in order to minimize risks of SIM-block.

When connecting the equipment to the system, the goip 16 channels are grouped one after another, by the numbers of GSM-operators. At the same time, it is important to evenly distribute the load between them and the device where the operation should be targeted.

However, adjusting the 16-channel equipment is more complicated than the device with fewer ports. For proper installation it is important to correctly enter the IP-address and connect GoIP 16 to the computer. The main difficulties occur in setting up an assigned ID-number, password and prefix, as well as the sequence of connections of all channels one by one. The independent installation is fraught with wrong addresses you entered, incorrect connections and complete failure of VoIP. To this end, it is important to call an experienced specialist, who can do it in no more than 15-20 minutes.

To be more effective, it is important to connect to GoAntiFraud. The resource will help skillfully circumvent the carrier tracking system and quick blocking of SIM-cards, informing about the work of GoIP 16 in time. The service supports the function of SIM-cards, forward calls, build a database, mimic the behavior of a subscriber and perform other actions.

GoAntiFraud allows you to organize VoIP solutions and operate equipment remotely, using a certain algorithm specified by the user. You may want to tailor the resource, according to certain parameters, where each of the clients will be able to access it directly from your account.

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