29-Sep-2016 13:06

The Quality of Internet Connection for GSM Termination in Somalia


Like many African countries, Somalia is considered a promising country to make money doing GSM traffic termination. At minimum pricing for local calls, international calls are expensive (average voip price per minute is $0.22).

In African countries, the law is relatively loyal to the business in a niche of VoIP GSM termination but Somali operators apply tough antifraud to track gateways.

In addition to reliable protection against the SIM-lock, you need to have a stable Internet connection to terminate calls in Somalia. The data rate for each channel of goip 8 port gsm gateway must be 32 kbit/s at least.

Somalia was one of the last in Africa to get the Internet in 1999 when the first ISP provider started working in the country. As of the year 2000, a total of 200 users were registered in the country. Soon, however, the demand for Internet services started to grow, and today the total number of users is more than 160 000. Although, this figure is not too high. It represents as little as 2% of the Somali population.

The average data rate in Somalia is 115 kbit/s. The "fastest cities" in the country are Mogadishu and Hargeisa where the internet speed is 334 and 223 kilobits per second.

If you are just starting your way in GSM termination - start it with GoAntiFraud! For beginners, we offer a complete NewBusiness solution that includes a set of necessary VoIP equipment and software for automation of business processes and proven tools to protect against AntiFraud systems. Over 2,000 customers in 31 countries have succeeded in the GSM termination using our service. You can become one of them!

International bandwidth is very limited for Somalia. However, the situation should improve soon, thanks to two submarine cables, which must be put into operation at the end of 2016 and in May 2018.

Main Internet providers in Somalia are

  • TS2;
  • Sahal;
  • Golis;
  • Somalia Wireless;
  • Somtel;
  • Hormuud Telecom.
To make money off termination in Somalia, you should use the equipment with a small number of channels to ensure its smooth operation to landcalls. It is also important to minimize the blocking of SIM-cards by AntiFraud systems, in which local operators invest a lot of money. Connect your GSM gateways and SIM-banks to GoAntiFraud to significantly reduce the number of blocked cards thanks to efficient tools to simulate the human behavior.

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