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Arguments in Favor of Using Virtual VoIP-systems


Communication is an integral part of our lives. Experts predict a rapid development of VoIP-telephony and communication methods will supplant conventional PSTN.

The low cost and savings describe the modern voice communication through Internet protocols. With it you can connect and receive calls/messages from subscribers from around the world at the lowest prices. To do this, you should use the termination of services, or install the multi-channel equipment.

Virtual telephony provides a great opportunity for users. It allows subscribers to communicate with each other, and thus does not require specialized equipment at the office. All necessary devices are in the VoIP-provider data-center, to which you applying for services. Some companies offer the possibility of an IP-telephony based on 1 local number and multiple SIP accounts, each of which serves as a high-grade communication channel.

At the same time, when you connect to the "cloud", investment is much smaller than when you connect to a classical VoIP system. After all, there is no need to connect and set up sophisticated equipment since the provider is responsible for it. The devices are placed in the data center. Respectively, you do not have to maintain the equipment.

Virtual communications are universal. They allow you to send and receive faxes/documents, conduct statistics/service records, communicate with GSM/PSTN subscribers at low rates, and stay connected round the clock.

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Through a virtual phone you can organize a mini call center, providing the voice menu, automated information and other useful tools.

The virtual telephony is a unifying feature in communications. If you make a lot of calls every day in the office that has 100-500 employees, you can provide effective communication as calls can be made from a central office to the branches, and vice versa, even if they are thousands of kilometers apart. The system allows you to combine all subsidiaries and business partners, providing a link at the lowest rates. The participants of the communication system are able to conduct audio or video conferences.

This option is indispensable when the office expands or moves. In contrast to conventional telephony, the virtual system may be provided with only one phone number that customers can easily remember and it does not have to be changed when you change locations. It is not necessary to worry that you cannot reach anybody as the virtual telephony provides multiple channels.

The upgraded system of the cloud-telephony allows providing clients with high-quality services. None of the clients will go away since termination services automatically capture even failed calls, and there can be a lot of subscribers. Statistics and reporting on calls and messages are maintained. All data is stored on the remote server and is available from the user's personal account.

The virtual telephony is fully functional as it is not tied to any particular place. It takes you a few touches to the screen or a couple of mouse clicks to control the entire telephone system. These VoIP solutions for business optimize workflow, allowing you to communicate cheaply, efficiently and effectively.

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