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Difficulties in Rotating SIM-cards


Migration and rotation of SIM-cards are necessary measures, which a terminator should provide to protect cards from AntiFraud systems. Migration allows you to simulate the movement around the city, while the rotation is designed to move multiple virtual cards in a single GSM-channel. For this purpose, all the cards that are in the SIM-bank are divided into groups. For rotation (i.e. the "rotation" within the bore) it is necessary to ensure that SIM-cards change each other. Virtually moving in and out of the slots, they will take turns to make calls. Accordingly, it will be possible to distribute the terminated traffic among several numbers and reduce the load on each of them.

Distribution of minutes of conversation among multiple SIM cards allows preventing sim block since the number of conversation minutes is a parameter mobile operators use to track GSM termination. Prolonging the life of SIM-cards, you reduce the cost of purchasing new ones and do more efficient termination.

Connect to GoAntiFraud to obtain solid income in GSM termination. GoAntiFraud provides an opportunity for you to run a profitable business using efficient tools to simulate human behavior on the network. We can help you customize the logic of termination in accordance with the features of your country, in order to minimize risks of SIM-block.

The special-purpose software is used to carry out rotation - SIM Server. When combined with a SIM-bank, this software provides the possibility of combining the sim-cards in the group and their virtual "rotation" within the GSM-channels. Using the SIM-server you set limits for each card. After the limit is exceeded, the SIM-card "leaves" the gateway channel, and another card starts operating instead. But the rotation is not always carried out correctly. The terminator can face the problems as follows:

· Incorrect counting of terminated minutes. The SIM-server can show 0 for the cards in some gateway slots. In this case, you can solve the problem by resetting the settings but it is difficult and impractical to keep a track of. It is best to set a specific time to enable/disable every SIM-card, that is, create a schedule of their work through the SIM-server. The alternative is the use of China Skyline GSM gateways that support the "rotating channel" function. The device is equipped with additional storage slots for SIM-cards in 1 channel, which provides the ability to have SIM-cards making calls alternately.

· Disabling one or more GSM-channels. It can sometimes happen that the channel is not working even there are unexpended SIM-cards in the channel. Here, again, you should set the limits correctly. When you have incorrectly set up the SIM server, there is often a problem with the system counting used call minutes. You can get out of this situation by using the same methods that are listed in the above paragraph.

  • The SIM-server suspension. Similar problems may occur in the event that you are using VPS for the SIM-server. It takes the entire server to work.
  • Disabling the SIM-server when replacing the SIM-card in the SIM-bank without turning off the device. In this situation, a lot depends on the ping. If its value is greater than 220, it is necessary to place the sim server gsm gateway closer to the SIM-bank to have hardware and software operating normally.

You can also connect your GSM gateways and SIM-banks to the GoAntiFraud cloud service. You will get access to the SIM-server and can start a profitable traffic termination. Our servers are located around the world to ensure minimum pings for productive work of your equipment. In addition, we provide full technical support to our clients. In the case of any problems with the software or hardware you can get expert advice from our experts.

Do you want to start a GSM termination business? We offer you a turnkey solution for beginners - a comprehensive package that includes the tools to protect the SIM-cards from blocking, equipment produced by EjoinTech & ChinaSkyline, as well as a handy software to computerize the operation.

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