02-Sep-2016 14:28

How the Migration of SIM-cards is Carried Out When Doing GSM Termination


Each terminator wants to get the maximum income from the termination of the traffic in the shortest time. However, to make the dream of making much and quick money, you have to overcome many pitfalls, one of which is the operator antifraud.

The system monitors subscribers’ SIM-cards, according to the parameters of humanity and makes calls to numbers and blocks them in the case of discrepancy in the behavior of a living person. The situation is unpleasant and unprofitable for each terminator.

Newcomers resort to many tricks to bypass the antifraud. In fact, you need to simulate the "humanity" of cards using the antifraud parameters to prevent the numbers from blocking. The main thing is a simulation of movement, i.e., the migration of SIM-cards. One of the beginners’ favorite ways is a manual migration of SIM cards. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Relocation of the equipment.
  2. Moving the SIM-card in the SIM-hand bank.

In the first case, the equipment is transported from place to place. In the second case, SIM-cards are moved in each slot by hand. Then calls are made using certain devices and move the cards manually again. Terminators find that they create the illusion of subscriber migration as if he moves from place to place. But these methods are inconvenient and take a lot of time and effort. But terminators still aim to increase earnings and expand business in the future by establishing, as a rule, 8-32-channel equipment and connecting the SIM-bank for 100 or more SIM-cards. Moving cards manually in such a number of devices is complex and costly.

To prevent blocking of SIM-cards , use GoAntiFraud. Efficient tools for the simulation of human behavior on the GSM networks will allow you to significantly increase your revenues.

Besides, these actions are not always effective. The operator antifraud can still track termination, using the structural calculations for the "humanity formulas." The system works in automatic mode. It is expedient in this situation to computerize your actions regarding SIM-cards migration.

Experts, working on the problem for several years, have created GoAntiFraud specifically for the termination service. It provides the program algorithms to bypass carrier antifraud, paying special attention to the migration of SIM cards. To implement this function, the terminator has to do almost nothing. All that is required is to set the behavior of SIM-cards with just a few clicks of the mouse, in any sequence, taking into account the time calculated to seconds by the system. It is possible to simulate a situation as if the caller is moving, moving from one point to another, which is typical for living people using cell.

It is difficult the operator antifraud to determine GSM termination, if you use GoAntiFraud service to simulate human behavior. This significantly saves time and resources for the terminator. Another pleasant surprise is the fact that GoAntiFraud functions can be controlled not only from a computer or laptop but also from any mobile device, even while on the move or in another country.

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