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The GSM Termination Business in Moldova


Many experts are interested in whether it is possible to terminate in Moldova, and how much it is beneficial. To answer the question about the call terminated Moldova, it is important to analyze the situation: geographical location, the country's economy, the quality of communication, monopolized operators, migration, and many other factors.

Moldova's economy is poor, and the quality of life is one of the lowest in Europe. The country is rated 92 in well-being among 142 countries, while the population is 3,553,100 people. This causes a high migration of local people to other countries to earn or learn.

At the same time, Moldova, due to a large number of incoming international calls and good GSM coverage (up to 90% on the whole territory), is quite promising in terms of termination. GSM-communication level in the country is recognized as one of the best in Europe. The country's subscribers are almost never out of coverage. Almost all categories of the population use cell phones.

Tariffs for international communication in Moldova are one of the highest in the CIS, which makes many terminators install their gateways and land calls. Based on results of studies on requests for traffic, in Moldova over the last two years there has been an increase in the trend of demand for landing voip minutes. 4 years ago there were frequent requests for 10K, now there is a tendency to increase as much as 100K from 40K. The most frequent requests are for the termination of 40 to 50K. Moreover, the peak is usually observed from March to August, after which the trend declines and increases as late as December.

VoIP GSM termination can bring you a lot of profit if the SIM-cards are provided with reliable protection against blocking. Proven GoAntiFraud tools can simulate human behavior in GSM networks for efficient disguise from Antifraud of mobile operators.

Leading operators in Moldova are Orange and Moldcell. The optimal rate for the termination is a Moldcell package “50 Lei on the Account”. The name speaks for itself. A subscriber gets a present of $2.53 per 200 minutes. At the same time, it amounts to as little as $0.01265. The calls from the Moldcell Unic package and a standard tariff plan from Orange will cost $0.08.

It is not difficult to calculate the average income for the termination in Moldova. When connecting the "50 Lei on the Account" package from Moldcell, the cost of landing calls from one channel will be $506. The average price per minute is $ 0.18. Thus, the profit for a minute from the call terminated amounts to $0.16735. When the terminator connects the tariff plans from Orange and Moldcell, the terminator income for 1 terminated minute will start from $0.1. With an average traffic of 40K in the country, the profits from one channel per month vary from $4,000 to $6,694.

But that is not all! Most terminators place GOIP gateway 16 and other 32-port multi-channel equipment in different places, which increases the above-mentioned profit equivalent to the number of channels. However, in Moldova, where 2 basic GSM monopolies, Orange and Moldcell rule, there is a high likelihood that the SIM-cards will be quickly blocked because these operators employ a strict antifraud.

The Cellular providers monitor the behavior of customers, from the point of view of their action as a living person, and then make calls to suspicious numbers. Upon detection of fraud, SIM-cards are blocked. GoAntiFraud, allowing simulating a live subscriber behavior on the network will help to avoid blocking the cards and increase the profits tenfold. It is profitable to terminate in Moldova as the average migration, together with the excellent coverage and the growing demand for landing calls is what you need to be successful.

The income from the termination can be increased when you are connected to GoAntiFraud. Our integrated solution greatly reduces risks of blocking of SIM-cards by AntiFraud systems. We also offer NewBusiness packages for beginners that provide everything necessary for a successful start, including a set of VoIP equipment by GoIP, EjoinTech & ChinaSkyline.
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