26-Aug-2016 14:49

Topex SIM-boxes: Difficulty of Settings

The equipment from the Romanian manufacturer Topex gained popularity almost on par with GoIP products. The devices of this brand are widely used for GSM voice traffic termination; the only limiting factor for some businesses is the higher cost of Topex equipment, compared with that of GOIP. The model range offers not only gateways but SIM-banks that support up to 512 SIM-cards.

Topex SIM Manager

Complete solution SIM Manager includes sim box and PC Server (software for managing SIM cards). SIM-bank is compatible with Topex GSM gateways and provides centralized storage of all cards, used for traffic termination. The devices have a rich feature set:

  • The ability to tie any SIM-cards (support of CDMA, WCDMA, and GSM) to remotely hosted gateways.
  • Flexible card switch settings in the channels of the gateway or between gateways (you can specify an algorithm based on a specific time interval or work on a specific time of the day).
  • Creating groups of SIM-cards for easy control.
  • The ability to re-tie SIM-cards in accordance with the tariffs of the cellular operator, thus ensuring minimum cost to land calls.
  • Error warning function (for example, blocked SIM-cards). An error can be sent via SMS to the phone, or via e-mail.
Do you want to make more money terminating with Topex gateways? Connect your equipment to GoAntiFraud. We can help you customize the logic of termination in accordance with the features of your country, and your business will make you more money!

Possible problems when setting up

When properly setup, the Topex SIM-Manager can provide lucrative GSM termination and reduce lock of SIM-cards. However, many beginners are faced with problems when setting up, and have the device operating improperly. Examples:

  • Some SIM-box ports are in offline mode but the SIM-cards are inserted in the slots.
  • The SIM-server does not ensure remote access;
  • Some of the functions are not available (no warnings about the card lock, etc.).

The expert will be able to correctly set up the equipment and keep 100% performance.

The alternative is a connection of GSM gateways and Topex SIM-banks to GoAntiFraud. Our technical specialists will quickly connect your device to the server, and you can immediately begin to terminate. Apart from Topex, we support goip sim bank, EjoinTech and ChinaSkyline equipment.

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