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What are VoIP Traffic Exchanges?


Recently, specialized exchanges operating on the Internet have been an increasingly popular source of VoIP traffic. They are online sites, where participants can anonymously buy and sell minutes. In these exchanges you can also find "buy traffic" offers, as well as proposals for the sale and traffic landing. Key players of VoIP exchanges are

  • Big telecommunications companies;
  • VoIP operators;
  • Transit companies;
  • GSM terminators.

The search for traffic can be greatly simplified thanks to specialized exchanges. You get a chance to find traffic, which will suit you in all parameters - price, quality, directions, etc. You can choose the most suitable option without intermediaries. There is an opportunity to buy the same direction from multiple operators at the same cost.

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VoIP exchanges, as a rule, test the quality of traffic in several ways:

  • ACD - the average duration of calls;
  • ASR - the number of calls longer than 0 seconds;
  • PDD - the time period during which the connection is established between the subscribers.

On the exchanges you can find traffic and routes of varying quality. If you buy wholesale traffic - be prepared for low indicators of ACD, ASR, PDD, and false Answer Supervision (when operators deliberately start charging before the dial-up connection is established) can be observed. Retail traffic is not always characterized by good quality. This is "a pig in a poke", so you should check the ACD, ASR, and PDD twice. The exchange tests only initial connection, after the quality indicators may vary. Of course, you can buy premium traffic, which has high statistics, but, respectively, it will be expensive.

Proposals for the sale and purchase of traffic can also be found on a dedicated voip forum. Many companies involved in wholesale and VoIP retail place ads are on these resources.

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