22-Aug-2016 08:45

The SMS-termination: How to Make Money Terminating the SMS Traffic


Recently, SMS-termination is gaining momentum. It will soon become as popular as termination of voice traffic. What is the difference between these two types of business?

When doing GSM termination, you land international calls, minutes of a conversation, to be more precise. In the case of SMS- termination, we are talking about the so-called SMS traffic. You can make money using the difference between the SMS prices. If you have the specialized equipment and software, you can land the SMS messages sent from another country at local rates.

Of course, the terminator must find traffic suppliers. As in the case with gsm termination, you need to establish a partnership with the originators - transit companies that provide SMS-traffic. By offering them your termination services, you will get a good profit.

Boost your business profits in the GSM termination by ordering the GoAntiFraud Corporate Solution from! Choose the best package - Start Up, DeLuxe or Ultimate, and get the best opportunity to evaluate all the possibilities of the service! You can also buy GoIP equipment by EjoinTech & ChinaSkyline at low prices.

Наиболее популярные страны для приземления SMS-трафика: The most popular countries to land SMS-traffic are

  • Finland;
  • Latvia;
  • Lithuania;
  • Russia;
  • Kazakhstan;
  • Kyrgyzstan;
  • Bulgaria;
  • Chile;
  • Cuba.

These routes have high tariffs for sending international messages and low cost per SMS within the country at the same time. For example, Bulgaria and Chile have an average rate more than $0.07.

To start SMS-termination, you will need a softswitch, billing, and specialized equipment. The best option is a GoIP gateway with an integrated Hybertone SMS-server to automatically send multiple messages. As in the termination of voice traffic, the software gsm gateway converts a GSM-signal in VoIP and consequently reduces the cost of communication. For a stable income in this business, you need to install multiple multichannel devices for smooth operation.

When terminating SMS-traffic, there is also a danger of blocking cards by AntiFraud systems. Sending messages in an uninterrupted mode in the absence of outgoing and incoming calls may cause suspicion among mobile operators. Therefore, it is important to ensure protection for SIM-cards to extend their lifespan. SMS-traffic should be evenly distributed among the terminated cards, with the USSD-request sent to generate calls, that is, the system should simulate the behavior of a real user.

GoAntiFraud Corporate Solution is an advantageous offer for GSM termination professionals! Complex solution for corporate customers will improve the profitability of your business many-fold! You will have professional advice from technical experts GoAntiFraud, tools for efficient protection against the SIM-block, SBO traffic optimization and other capabilities of the service at your disposal.

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