16-Aug-2016 13:26

How not to Lose Money Buying SIM-cards for Termination


Every novice terminator’s dream is to get a quick return on terminating calls. For this purpose, you should have a gateway, set it up and connect it. Then you should buy SIM-cards and top up the balance.

It would seem that there is nothing easier! However, at this stage terminators often lose money. To begin with, that the sale of SIM-cards not in the mobile phone outlet and without a passport is banned in some countries. For example, in Russia you cannot sell SIM-cards in the street. There is a penalty for purchasing SIM-cards without a passport in the amount of $78.30 for individuals and $3,132.19 for legal entities.

Typically, for a full termination you need 100 or more tariff packages. The solution is to buy them wholesale, without passport data and filling data (the so-called purchase of ‘gray’ SIM-cards). And this is the risk of purchasing faulty goods and a sure way to lose money.

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In Russia, there were cases when checking the initial balance on such SIM-cards, the account was minus $0.50, which should not be by definition. It means that this number have been used to make calls. Most scams tied numbers to the bank account of some owners, through which they withdraw naive newcomers’ money. According to preliminary data, for example, in Russia scammers can deduct up to $1,566,094.68 a year! The amount is rather big to think about the question: how not to lose money from the sim card fraud.

To do this, in the beginning, you need to decide on the country you are going to terminate in and options for the purchase of SIM-cards. Often experienced terminators buy packages from a knowledgeable friend or through their friends in the mobile phone outlets. You should avoid street trade and smiling sellers willing to sell cheap "gold numbers" in many countries as duplicates can be made for such “gray” SIM-cards and the money leaking from the balance will only be a matter of time.

After activating the number, you must immediately check the Gsm money balance, otherwise it will be difficult to prove that there has been unauthorized access. Next, it is important to have a strong password for each communication channel since there were cases when it was changed without the knowledge of the owner to gain access to information on the terminator.

GoAntiFraud Corporate Solution is an advantageous offer for GSM termination professionals! Complex solution for corporate customers will improve the profitability of your business many-fold! You will have professional advice from technical experts GoAntiFraud, tools for efficient protection against the SIM-block, SBO traffic optimization and other capabilities of the service at your disposal.

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