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How to Connect Several Cities via IP

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Executives of companies are successfully developing their businesses, expanding it, opening up branches in other countries and cities. And then they face a quite important question of whether to use the cloud or to set up the equipment. After all, the result of such actions should be efficient communication and inexpensive IP-telephony.

The answer depends on many nuances. It's one thing if the company will establish a remote communication with the branches and set it up and will be expanding in the future to enter the international market. Another thing is when settings are needed only to connect to the main office and branch offices to each other. In this case it is very important to find out which type of communication subscribers will use.

In the first case you should buy IP-equipment and invite a technician for the correct settings to route any termination call to the phones of employees, or redial an identified number using the Call Back. Foreign customers will be able to get through without any problems and cheap.

In order to install the equipment, you should have a high-speed Internet (not less than 65 Kb/s per channel). However, this is the main problem as the Internet bitrate leaves much to be desired in most small towns. Suspension, disconnections and poor-quality communication are common things there.

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In addition, it is problematic to find experienced IT-specialists, who can set up the VoIP system, in some small towns. Then you should carry out the installation remotely from the main office.

There are options to set up the equipment in the main office and forward calls to the branches. You can also install IP-phones and connect to your ISP if there is a need to call the branches only, or they need to communicate with each other. IP-phones can be set up for remote infrastructure still in the main office for the free connection to the branches. To connect them, you should have the 220V outlet only. This is useful when the Internet is often slow or disappears.

Experienced users advise another alternative, which is the installation of Asterisk or a joint connection to the cloud, i.e. modulation. Such termination voip will cost more expensive than a conventional installation of the equipment, but cheaper than the connection to the service providers and service companies. The quality and level of service at such a connection should be appropriate. When setting up the system, all communication data should be entered in Asterisk and you will switch to using VoIP.

The system can also be set according to the type: P4 - 1Gb RAM, connecting Asterisk to it. Most terminators model FreePBX Gland and AsteriskNow.

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goantifraud goip

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