11-Aug-2016 14:06

Main Features of Hypermedia Gateways

The Hypermedia VoIP gateways are manufactured in Israel. They are used both for the organization of VoIP telephony and for GSM traffic termination. The main feature of this product brand is devices that have numerous channels.

Such equipment will be a good solution for those who expand their considerably. The lineup of hypermedia gsm gateway presents models of so-called modular gateways. By connecting additional modules, you can provide any number of communication channels. The disadvantage of such devices is that they take up a lot of space due to their massiveness.

Many Hypermedia gateway models support not only GSM but CDMA channels. This equipment is suitable for all SIM-cards, even for the ones of the operators who have switched to CDMA/WCDMA standards. The Hypermedia voip gsm gateway uses both SIP and H.323 protocol, so no compatibility problems should arise.

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The manufacturer also offers GSM gateways equipped with additional slots for SIM-cards. This provides a space for storing a lot of SIM-cards required for VoIP traffic termination. On the one hand, it is convenient because you can quickly load new cards if AntiFraud systems block some of them. From another point of view, the use of the "two in one" equipment is not too safe for a terminator, as you have to keep the gateway at hand to use the SIM-bank functions.

Different soft solutions that remotely control all devices of VoIP-systems, including the built-in SIM-bank, can solve this problem. The manufacturer has provided the SIM-server for Hypermedia gateways. With it you can control gateways from a single location, even if they are placed in different regions or cities. In addition to centralized control, the software computerizes processes related to SIM-cards. However, software is more focused on corporate needs, rather than the GSM termination.

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