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Quality of the Route in the GSM-termination


It is not enough to buy a gateway and goip sim bank to receive a stable income in the termination of calls. Earnings on VoIP GSM termination market depends largely on the quality of routes provided by the terminator. The route that does not meet conventionally accepted standards will not be in demand among the originators delivering international traffic. There are various indicators that allow you to define the quality of a route to land calls.

Key indicators

Consider a few basic indicators, by which the quality of the route is determined:

  • ACD is average call duration. This option should be at least 3-4 minutes.
  • ASR is a relation of the number of calls, which established a telephone connection, to unsuccessful calls. An ASR good indicator should be 30-50%.
  • PDD characterizes the time interval, during which the connection was established when making a call (measured in seconds). For a high-quality route, PDD should be up to 300 milliseconds.
  • CLI is the identification of a phone number when the subscriber answers in the country where GSM traffic is landed. It is believed that high-quality routes provide the substitution of the CLI, although most routes have non-CLI status. Originators have a different attitude to this parameter.
  • FAS is a "false control of the connection." Some operators deliberately start charging in the process of establishing a connection, although in reality the call has not yet arrived at its destination. Good routes exclude the possibility of FAS.
GoAntiFraud company assists its clients in finding originators providing traffic. If you connect the equipment to our service you get an opportunity to find buyers for your route.

Standard and premium routes

In the market of goip traffic termination, routes are divided into two main types by quality criteria:

  • Standard. Routes of moderate quality, with good indicators of ACD, ASR, PDD. No CLI substitution.
  • Premium. Routes of absolute quality that have high ACD/ASR performance and low PDD as well as provide guaranteed QoS (quality of VoIP service) and the substitution of the CLI.

It is understood that the premium routes are more expensive than standard. When selling such routes, terminators provide originators with reports on indicators of ACD, ASR, PDD, and others.

We provide customers of GoAntiFraud service with contacts of reliable originators. With our help, you will be able to sell the route at a good cost per minute.

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