10-Aug-2016 08:31

Generation of Incoming Calls When Doing VoIP Termination


One of the main criteria by which AntiFraud systems determine the real number belonging to the subscriber is the incoming traffic. To convince the mobile operator that your SIM-cards are used by human beings for voice communication rather than to terminate calls through the gateway, you should ensure a regular flow of calls to SIM-cards.

It is inconceivable that SIM-card makes outgoing calls only. The lack of incoming calls is perceived by Antifraud as a sign of gsm traffic termination, and operators quickly block those numbers. Their lifespan depends on the region because some countries make SIM cards become inactive after 15 minutes, while in other they can operate without problems over a month.

Hunting down the terminators by means of the parameter of incoming calls, mobile operators use different indicators. In addition to the fact of the presence/absence of incoming calls to the SIM-card, AntiFraud analyzes numbers they come from. Actual subscriber always receives calls from a certain group of numbers, and at the same time he calls them as they usually belong to relatives, friends. To prevent the SIM-block, it is important not just to generate incoming calls but also to provide two-way communication in the group "preferred" numbers. Analytical systems of AntiFraud take into account the percentage of calls to these groups.

We offer to connect your equipment to the service GoAntiFraud for regular generating of inbound traffic. Our cloud service will allow you to effectively mask the SIM-cards and protect them from locking.

Terminators are constantly looking for solutions to simulate human behavior in the GSM network. In order to simulate the flow of incoming traffic, they use different methods. The SIM-server, special-purpose software that supports the incoming call generation function, is most often used for this purpose. Of course, the SIM-server works in conjunction with the SIM-bank only. With their help, SIM-cards are combined in the group, so they call each other. Thus, you generate inbound traffic to your SIM-cards and provide calls to "preferred numbers" at the same time. Doing it manually is impossible, and the SIM-server allows you to make the necessary actions in the automatic mode at time intervals you pre-specified.

To ensure a stable generation of the incoming traffic, it is important to set up both the SIM-box and SIM-server. To do this, you should find a good technician who understands not just VoIP technology but also the GSM termination. An alternative solution to generate inbound traffic is GoAntiFraud. Our software computerizes the operation of gateways and SIM-banks and efficiently simulates the human behavior. Once you have given a pattern of behavior for SIM-cards, you can ensure the stability of generating incoming calls and significantly reduce the number of blocked cards.

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