09-Aug-2016 14:33

Automatic Top-up of SIM-cards for Profitable VoIP Termination


To ensure a successful business in a niche of VoIP GSM termination, it is important to consider a lot of nuances. One of them is timely top-up of SIM-cards.

It would seem that there is nothing to worry about when the terminator does not timely top up the account for the numbers that are used for landing calls. In fact, the consequences are serious including reduced quality of the route, decreasing profits, and even being "in the red".

The SIM-cards with a zero balance cannot make calls, and therefore do not allow terminating in full. If at least 2 SIM-cards in the multi-channel gateway are not topped up in a timely manner, the terminator will lose part of their profits in a couple of hours. It is hard to constantly monitor the status of the account when you terminate much traffic and simultaneously operate many SIM-cards so a variety of software solutions that computerize top-up processes was invented.

GoAntiFraud service provides an effective solution. The system will recharge the balance of all SIM-cards, which are involved in traffic termination.

The auto top-up solves the following issues:

  • Increasing ACD/ASR performance. Since cards that do not have the money do not make calls, there are many "zero" calls. Accordingly, the ACD (average call duration) and the ASR (the ratio of successful calls, that is more than 0 seconds to the total call count) decrease. It speaks about the deterioration of the route quality. Originators always pay attention to this statistics as the demand for the routes with poor ACD/ASR is very low. At the same time, the higher figures on calls are, the more the terminator is paid for traffic termination. By topping up timely SIM-cards, you will provide your route with due quality and be able to sell it profitably.
  • Increasing volumes of terminated traffic. The more SIM-cards simultaneously operate in the gateway, the more GSM traffic you can make, and hence make more money.
  • The increase in productivity of GSM gateways. Buying multichannel gateways is impractical, if not all the SIM-card inserted in the slots operate. The auto top-up of SIM-cards will allow your equipment to work in full force. All of your SIM-cards will be involved, bringing more profit.

If you are using the SIM box, you can set up the SIM-server and provide auto top-up through it. You must set patterns - under what conditions or at what time you should top up. The GoIP SIM-server supports this feature, but it requires a variety of complex settings.

GoAntiFraud allows you to expand the functionality of the inexpensive Chinese equipment and automate routine business processes when doing GSM termination. Except for other features, GoAntiFraud provides the auto top-up via pre-set patterns. Using GoAntiFraud, you can provide 100% productivity of the gateways and increase your revenues.

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