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Repeaters to Amplify GSM Signals

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It is known that the terminator should provide a high quality of the route to sell it profitably. The route will be in demand among the originators only if the ACD and ASR performance are up to par. These figures describe the number of successful calls, that is, those that last for more than 0 seconds, and the average duration of all calls.

In other words, the less short and zero calls you have when terminating traffic, the more expensive you can sell the route. Routes with low statistical indicators are not in demand among the traffic providers. Originators’ advertisements published on the forums by which they are looking for routes to land calls show it.

The relationship between the quality of the route and GSM-signal

To increase the ACD and ASR performance, it is necessary to ensure a stable and high-speed Internet connection. Of course, calls will also be affected by the number of locked SIM-cards. You can use GoAntiFraud to reduce the SIM-block. We offer a comprehensive solution that includes proven tools for simulating human behavior. By protecting the cards from the lock, you will reduce the number of unsuccessful calls because you cannot make calls from the blocked cards. Accordingly, you will increase the productivity of GSM gateways and increase your income.

However, the quality of the GSM-signal plays an important role in the formation of the positive statistic ACD and ASR. If there is no normal signal in landing calls, the connection will be poor, respectively, and telephone conversations will not last long. You should try to place the VoIP equipment in areas where cellular communication is available. It is best to install gateways on the window sill, net to the base stations of mobile operators. If the signal still leaves much to be desired, you can use a gsm repeater which you can buy in any online store selling devices for mobile communication.

If you are just starting your way in GSM termination - start it with GoAntiFraud! For beginners, we offer a complete
NewBusiness solution that includes a set of necessary VoIP equipment and software for automation of business processes and proven tools to protect against AntiFraud systems. Over 2,000 customers in 31 countries have succeeded in the GSM termination using our service. You can become one of them!

Types of GSM repeaters

The GSM repeater is also called "translator". Its main function is to catch a weak signal, amplify it and pass it on to the communication device. The degree of amplification of the signal depends on the equipment model. The high-quality GSM connection is also provided due to the elimination of distortion and noise in the signal.

There are several types of GSM repeaters:

  • Broadband;
  • Narrowband;
  • Strip;
  • Duct;
  • Optical;
  • Linear.

To enhance the signal and improve GSM termination, you should have a narrowband or broadband repeater. The narrowband repeater is designed to amplify the signal of a particular operator; the broadband repeater amplifies signals of all mobile operators, whose base stations are located nearby. It all depends on your traffic - whether it belongs to one or more cellular providers.

Complete NewBusiness solution from GoAntiFraud is your successful start into the GSM termination ! We provide ready-business on a turnkey basis, which includes a set of GoIP equipment by EjoinTech or ChinaSkyline, convenient software to computerize the operation and efficient tools to protect the SIM-cards from the lock. We also provide qualified technical support at every stage of your business. Our business model is based on the successful experience of more than 2,000 customers in 31 countries!

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