20-Jul-2016 12:19

Selecting the GSM gateway for Termination: GoIP vs China Skyline


Beginners in the VoIP termination business have a problem of choosing specialized equipment. The first and most important thing that you need is a GSM gateway to land international traffic at local rates. The most popular and low-end solution is China GoIP gateways. EjoinTech & China Skyline are also in demand.

The cost of gateways and SIM-banks from Chinese manufacturers primarily attracts terminators. They are inexpensive but they can provide a stable operation of the VoIP system for the efficient GSM termination. But what gateways are better - GoIP or China Skyline?

If you plan to land the small amount of traffic, the GoIP gsm gateway will suit you the best. The lineup includes models for 1, 4 and 8 channels, which are the ideal solution in the beginning. The manufacturer also offers the SIM Bank of the optimum capacity for beginners - 32 cards. Using it in conjunction with a Hybertone SIM-server, you can remotely control the GSM-gateways located in different parts of the city. In the future, you will buy 1-port GoIP gateways as your business expands.

GoAntiFraud offers a comprehensive solution for best GSM termination using GoIP equipment. We cooperate directly with Hybertone manufacturer, so you can buy GSM gateways and SIM GoIP banks at the lowest price. For those who begin doing VoIP termination, we offer NewBusiness solution that includes the required set of equipment, software for automation and tools to protect against the SIM-block.

China Skyline offers voip solutions for more impressive traffic volumes, including multichannel gateways that have from 8 to 32 ports. A distinctive feature of the GSM gateway from EjoinTech & China Skyline is that it also functions as the SIM-bank. The device provides additional slots for integrated storage of SIM-cards - up to 128. It is very convenient for GSM termination since new cards will always be at hand when some of them are blocked. Moreover, there is a "rotating channel" function that provides rotation of SIM-cards. Cards work alternately in one GSM-channel, which diversifies evenly traffic among them. To provide this function for SIM cards in the GoIP gateway, you will have to buy an extra SIM-bank and set up the SIM -server. As for the SIM-banks, Ejoin Tech offers a model for storing 128 and 256 cards.

Despite the fact that China Skyline gateways are more functional than similar GoIP devices, the security issue remains unresolved. It is known that SIM-bank is used for remote control of GSM gateways to minimize the need for direct access to them, and thereby to secure the terminator if the illegal equipment is detected. Accordingly, a multi-function China Skyline gateway needs servicing directly.

An alternative solution is the use of GoAntiFraud for VoIP GSM termination. By connecting your ChinaSkyline & EjoinTech equipment to our server, you can remotely control all devices from a single account wherever you are.

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