05-Jul-2016 13:41

SBO as a Profitable Solution for GSM Termination


SBO (Synchronous Bandwidth Optimizer) is special-purpose software that optimizes the bandwidth capability of carrier channels for efficient GSM traffic termination. This software is developed by Synchronous ICT, a major VoIP software supplier.

What is the SBO for doing the GSM termination business? The fact is that the termination of calls in some regions involves significant costs. There are providers who bill traffic in terms of MBs, and it costs terminators dearly. In addition, there are regions with a poor quality of the Internet, and then VoIP-network terminator has a low throughput, which makes it impossible to fully terminate traffic and impacts the business.

SBO allows compressing the data packages, thereby reducing costs and increasing Internet data transfer rates. The software reduces the cost of Internet services by 80%, as well as increases the productivity of your VoIP GSM gateways.

The principle of SBO operation

SBO analyzes traffic packages over the network and "strikes out" all that are irrelevant. There remain only the data necessary for the delivery of voice traffic. This software also provides the priority for voice data over other types of data, thereby maintaining high voice quality.

If you are just starting your way in GSM termination - start it with GoAntiFraud! For beginners, we offer a complete NewBusiness solution that includes a set of necessary VoIP equipment and software for automation of business processes and proven tools to protect against AntiFraud systems. Over 2,000 customers in 31 countries have succeeded in the GSM termination using our service. You can become one of them!

The compatibility of SBO

SBO is compatible with VoIP GSM gateways of all well-known manufacturers, including equipment from skyline voip, Dinstar, GoIP, Cisco, etc. It works with all types of Internet connections:

  • Wi-Fi:
  • 3G;
  • 4G;
  • Wi-Max;
  • GPRS.

The software can be connected at any place where you have mobile Internet. You only have to install and configure it. There is no need to purchase expensive equipment.

Improvement of ACD and ASR

SBO uses the technology that effectively manages congested networks and supports QoS (Quality of Service) to work with a variety of network statistics. In this way, it becomes possible to improve the route performance, ACD (average call duration), and ASR (ratio of all calls to the successful calls). This makes it possible to increase profits from the GSM traffic termination.

The alternative to SBO for GSM termination

There is an alternative GoAntiFraud solution to SBO for profitable GSM termination. This is a special module that is cheaper and allows you to compress network traffic 3 times. The quality of voice traffic remains at the proper level. The module operates on the principle of SBO but it is more efficient and affordable. Using this feature, you will be able to pay much less for the Internet. The traffic optimization by GoAntiFraud will also be useful to those terminators who live in areas with low network bandwidth. Our module is compatible with the equipment from voip china skyline, Ejoin Tech, GoIP, and Topex.

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