04-Jul-2016 13:35

The Quality of Internet Connection for GSM Termination in Cameroon


Cameroon is very popular among the terminators of voice traffic. Despite the low standard of living, this country is constantly attracting foreign investment and is one of the major exporters of raw materials in Europe. In recent years, international calls to Cameroon are becoming increasingly important. The corporate sector accounts for only 35% of the traffic, the remaining 65% are terminated by private users. Thus, GSM termination in Cameroon is a promising business that can bring high returns.

However, to obtain a stable income terminator must have a stable Internet connection with high bandwidth. It is known that for the normal operation of VoIP gateways requires the data rate of 42 Kbps for 1 channel. Thus, for one 8-channel GSM gateway, the network bandwidth should be from 336 kb/s. Since the terminators place one device in different parts of the city or even in different cities for the security reasons, so the connection speed is fine for each equipment location.

Cameroon has the lowest levels of Internet use on the African continent. Despite the ever-growing demand in the market, the demand of local residents for these services is minimal. In Cameroon, there are quite high rates for Internet use, which is too expensive for most of the population. Of course, this affects the quality of Internet connection.

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The main platform for access to the Internet in Cameroon is a 3G mobile sector. There are three major providers in the country - Camtel, MTN, and Orange. They are cellular operators as well.

Camtel has the largest market coverage. The company even managed to monopolize access to the international fiber optic submarine cable SAT-3/WASC. The operator provides the fastest 3G Internet in Cameroon - from 1 to 4 megabits per second (MBOA tariff plans).

Another popular Internet Service Provider is NextTel, which also provides cellular communication services. The operator's network covers 75% of the territory of Cameroon. The company has about 3 million customers. It handles Internet connection speed at 512 kb/s, depending on the tariff plan.

YouMee provides the highest quality of Internet connection. The company has even won several awards as the best provider of the Internet in Cameroon. The provider offers several packages for users with a connection speed of 640 kb/s.

You should select the Internet service provider for GSM termination in Cameroon, based on the needs of your business. The more channels your VoIP GSM gateway has, the higher the capacity of the network is.

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