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Where Does the GSM-termination come from? Some Background


The GSM-termination is believed to have emerged in Africa. This continent was perfect for landing calls because of expensive international tariffs for voice communications, with the state control over the terminators not as severe as in other parts of the world.

In 2011, the CFCA, tracking fraud, published data on the countries from which GSM-termination originated. The list of top 5 countries included:

· USA;

· India;

· United Kingdom;

· Pakistan;

· Philippines.

These were the countries here the first terminators, who invented the scheme to bypass the mobile operators for voice traffic, came from. CFCA also noted the most popular countries for landing calls. Among them are Cuba, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, and Latvia.

The precondition to the GSM-termination business extension was the emergence of voip telephony. The IP-technology began to be used in the voice communication in 1993, when Charlie Klein of the United States created the Maven software for voice over Internet networks. At the same time, Apple had released a new development - CU-SeeMe, designed for video conferencing.

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In 1995 the Israeli company VocalTec developed the Internet Phone software, which combined the developments to transmit the voice and video traffic over IP-based networks that existed at the time. Through the establishment of a private server network by VocalTec, thousands of people were able to evaluate the advantages of the inexpensive multifunctional VoIP-telephony.

In 1996, VocalTec together with Dialogic decided to implement the idea of connecting ordinary telephones to IP-based networks. To do this, the VocalTec voice gateway, a special-purpose device, was developed to connect analog and digital lines.

Later, the GSM gateways, which provided the connection between the GSM and VoIP networks, came into being. The use of this equipment allowed to significantly reduce the cost of voice communication. First, VoIP GSM gateways were used only in the corporate sector, in order to save, and then became the main tool for voip business in voice traffic termination. Thanks to VoIP-equipment, it was possible to churn calls out and make a profit, bypassing the PBX mobile operators.

To date, GSM termination is a profitable and promising business, which allows making money with minimum cost and a relatively small initial investment in no time.

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