23-Jun-2016 08:18

How efficient is GSM Termination via GoIP Gateways?


The Chinese GoIP equipment is the most affordable solution for voip termination, which exists in the market today. The main advantage of the gateways by this manufacturer is the low price that attracts terminators. They are used by both beginners and more experienced entrepreneurs but more often you can hear the negative reviews on this equipment.

What cause the dissatisfaction of users who use the GoIP GSM gateways and SIM Bank? The fact is that this simple VoIP-equipment allowing you to land calls without problems is not equipped with good software. The lack of «intelligent» software as well as the low profitability is the cause of insecurity for the terminator using the gateways and SIM-banks alone. To ensure safe termination and provide big amounts of traffic, you need a comprehensive solution. Complete with professional software, you can use a GoIP sip gsm gateway with 100% productivity, saving on the purchase of more expensive equipment.

Expand capabilities of GoIP equipment by connecting it to GoAntiFraud! We provide proven tools to increase the efficiency of GSM termination. Our service will help extend the lifespan of SIM-cards, computerize workflows, and remotely manage GoIP equipment from anywhere in the world.

The main thing you need is the efficient protection of SIM-cards from blocking by AntiFraud systems. By minimizing the SIM-lock, you can land more calls, and it will make your termination more efficient. If the terminator uses only the gateways and SIM-banks, he will not achieve these goals. To reduce the number of blocked cards you need a SIM-server, through which you could remotely control cards in the GSM-gateways located in different areas or cities, as well as provide them with a virtual rotation and movement.

However, one SIM-server is not sufficient to protect against AntiFraud systems. There is also a need to change an IMEI, simulate the human behavior, distribute traffic among SIM-cards and so forth. Terminator can make money landing calls if he applies a comprehensive solution to all these problems.

The solution exists. GoAntiFraud allows extending the lifespan of SIM-cards in the network. By configuring the card logic behavior in accordance with the parameters of humanity, AntiFraud systems have no chance to keep track of traffic termination. Using the service together with the GoIP gateways, you will also get additional benefits: computerized operation of SIM-cards via preset patterns, access to complete statistics to monitor SIM-cards, easy management of all equipment from one account, remote access to the gateways through the mobile application.

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