17-Jun-2016 08:29

Why Does the Performance of ACD and ASR Fall?


The quality of the route is an important parameter that determines the success of GSM termination business. The following indicators are used to measure it:

  • ACD - average call duration;
  • ASR - average success rate.

When the values of these indicators fall, the route voip quality is reduced. These routes are not in demand in the traffic termination market, respectively, the terminator does not get profits.

The main reasons for the reduction of ACD and ASR

There are several reasons why the terminated calls are null or short as follows:

  • Slow internet connection;
  • Frequent lock of SIM-cards;
  • Failure to replenish SIM cards;
  • Few GSM-channels.
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In addition, low ACD and ASR can be a cause poor traffic provided by an originator. It is, therefore, important to find a reliable partner for GSM termination. GoAntiFraud cooperates with proven originators from all over the world. At the customer's request, we can provide contact details to communicate with them.

How to improve the performance of ACD and ASR?

In addition to cooperation with a reliable originator, there are several ways to increase the performance of ACD and ASR. In the first place, the terminator should have a high-speed Internet connection starting from 42 kilobytes per channel. It is also recommended to top up all cards, in order to avoid the failed calls. Today, there are many software solutions to computerize this process.

Using the equipment for numerous channels, the terminator can land more calls. This has a positive effect on the ACD and ASR values. In addition, it is important to ensure protection for SIM-cards against blocking by mobile operators.

GoAntiFraud will allow you to prevent the SIM-blocking, and thereby reduce the number of short and zero calls. We use proven tools to simulate human behavior and bypass the AntiFraud system. Through the system tracking locked SIM-cards, you can change them for new ones. The service computerizes the replenishment of SIM cards. Another GoAntiFraud function will be useful to terminators - voip call recording. Listening to phone conversations, you will be able to check the quality of traffic provided by the originator, as well as identify other possible causes of the reduction of ACD and ASR.

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