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The Conflict of VoIP Protocols H.323 and SIP


When it comes to the transmission of voice traffic via VoIP networks, H.323 internet protocol is the first to come to mind. It is the oldest of the standards recommended by the ITU. It was originally developed as a protocol for devices that support video conferencing and then became a popular voice over ip protocol. It received a lot of support from manufacturers of the VoIP-telephony equipment and became widely used in the industry.

However, H.323 protocol has not gained a special popularity among users. Today, the younger SIP protocol supplants it. It is believed that a major aspect influencing the decline in demand for goip h323 is its complexity. According to many users, the simpler SIP protocol is taking down with the same ailment.

Differences between SIP and H323 protocols

IETF proposed Session Initialization Protocol to replace H.323. First and foremost, SIP is only one of several protocols that communicate to transmit a voice via VoIP-networks. In turn, H.323 is a set of multiple Internet protocols.

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SIP is considered more functional and scalable, moreover, it is easier to use. This protocol can support a greater number of simultaneous connections. The Session Initialization Protocol is believed intended to support the mobility of users.

From the point of view of the service management, the SIP protocol is inferior to H.323. The latter provides the users with greater possibilities for authentication, accounting, and control over the use of network resources. Since SIP is weaker in this sense, the provider choosing this VoIP protocol indicates that the technical integration of services is more important to the provider than the control possibilities over them.

What the futures hold for SIP and H323

To date, H.323 continues to serve the majority of the world's VoIP-traffic. However, as the users come to less depend on traditional communications, the future of this protocol is becoming harder to predict. Most likely, it will give way to SIP as the preferred protocol for new models of equipment. But so far, we can confidently say that for some time, service providers and terminators will have to deal with issues relating to the compatibility of the equipment with H323.

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