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What is QoS in VoIP-telephony?


QoS (Quality of service) is a term that denotes a level of quality of services of traffic transmission in the VoIP-telephony. This parameter characterizes the quality of communication provided to the end user. Without a doubt, each terminator should pay attention to the qos voip qos because the profitability of its business directly depends on it.

What does the quality of communication depend on?

Voice quality via IP-networks depends on the transmission rate of data streams. It is believed that a normal telephone conversation is possible by sending sound from one subscriber to another within 150 ms. A 300 ms delay VoIP is critical in the VoIP world as the sides begin to interrupt each other.

In addition to test time, there is a need to transmit data without damage. The loss of traffic packages cannot restore an audio signal on the other end of. As a result, noise occurs due or certain words and sentences cannot be heard during a conversation. It is believed that the loss of more than 5% of traffic packages, the VoIP network is seriously damaged.

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DiffServe as a way to prevent data loss

There is such a thing as differentiated services (DiffServe), which involves the marking of traffic and providing special services for individual packages. That is, priority is given to the same type of package to another to facilitate the rapid passage of traffic through the connection. This method does not always work but still increases the chances that the call quality is up to par.

Traffic priority is a good type of defense to exclude the possibility that the two types of traffic (e.g., voice and video stream) will interfere with each other, competing for bandwidth. To ensure data derivation, you should use the equipment operating the based on protocols that mark packages.

More often than not, VoIP provides the so-called Best Effort Service since the voip qos mechanisms are not too common in this environment. So the best way to ensure proper quality of voice communication is the use of the most stable and fast internet connection, which depends on your internet provider.

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