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SIP-clients for Android and MAC


VoIP softphones are becoming increasingly popular among internet-telephony users. This is not surprising because such software is a good alternative to hardware IP-telephony. As a rule, they possess advanced features and are more convenient to use. With softphones, you can call directly from a laptop or a desktop computer.

What is a SIP-client?

Along with standard softphones, mobile applications for VoIP occupy not the last place in the IP-telephony. They are special programs, known as "SIP-clients". They allow you to make calls from your cell phone at Internet telephony rates directly. For this purpose, Wi-Fi or mobile Internet traffic from your smartphone is used.

This software simulates a standard VoIP phone and provides additional features, including text messaging, video calls, answering machine function, etc. Most VoIP softphones for mobile devices employ the SIP protocol.

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The most popular solutions

For users of the iPhone and Android devices, there are many solutions, but we picked the most popular ones:

  • 3CX is the first softphone for mobile phones that supports the "PUSH" function. It provides notification of calls and messages, without the constant sending requests to the PBX.
  • Zoiper is compatible with most IP PBX. It provides not only audio and video communications but also functions of a fax machine and a messenger for instant messaging.
  • Bria was developed as a sip client for companies, so it has all the necessary functions and will be a good addition to the PBX. It features advanced security settings.
  • Fring supports the text and video chats and conferencing. The program is based on cloud Kandy platform that ensures the safety of data transmission.
  • X-Lite is the voip client that the users like the best, as it combines the functionality and stylish design of the interface. It supports conference calls and messaging in real time.
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