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Grandstream Equipment for VoIP


The Grandstream equipment is often used in the organization of VoIP-telephony. It has sufficient functionality and is compatible with devices by other manufacturers, which attracts buyers. Grandstream voip is a comprehensive solution, whose product line presents all the required units to establish VoIP systems.

This equipment is appropriate for small or developing businesses that have up to 100 employees on staff. The equipment includes IP-phones, video IP-phones, and VoIP GSM gateways. You can also buy IP-PBX that is easy to set up. The product price is comparable to that of a classical PBX.

Grandstream Functionality

Grandstream VoIP-systems have built-in services that are necessary for the efficient functioning of IP-telephony:

  • Voice mail;
  • BLF (Busy phone line alarm);
  • "Call Center" function;
  • VoIP-trunk;
  • Call logs;
  • Call statistics;
  • System troubleshooting program.

The equipment employs the “Auto Provision” automatic network configuration - mode. When using this function, the system automatically generates a schedule to dial numbers and the subscriber base for each connected device.

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Grandstream VoIP-system components

The IP-telephony systems from Grandstream consist of several key components:

  • IP PBX (PBX that runs via Asterisk);
  • IP-phones and video IP-phones;
  • VoIP GSM gateways.

The core of the VoIP-system is a Grandstream IP PBX, which has two FXS ports for connecting analog phone or fax. It can also utilize 4/8 FXO ports for it (depending on the model) that allows you to connect analog phone lines. The station is capable of supporting up to 75 hours of voice mail recordings and up to 5,000 pages of fax messages.

The subscriber units offered by Grandstream include the following models of IP-phones

  • GXP 2020 (supports 6 lines);
  • GXP 2010 (supports 4 lines);
  • GXP 2000 (supports 4 lines)
  • GXP1200 (supports 2 lines).

The product line also provides gateways to connect analog lines. There are models for 4, 8 and 24 channels. To expand the landlines, you can use a grandstream gsm voip gateway GXW4104 (4 lines) or GXW4108 (up to 8 lines).

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