25-May-2016 13:01

ASTERISK GUI: Key Features

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Asterisk GUI is the user interface designed specifically for those who prefer Asterisk when organizing internet telephony voip. It comes complete with AsteriskNOW and can also be downloaded into the already installed program.

The standard GUI version was designed for users who want to use Asterisk as a PBX. It is perfect for a small company with relatively simple requirements to the system voip. This product, when it arrived in the telecommunications market, made Asterisk jump for joy because the underlying technology greatly extends the PBX interface. Also, GUI development has provided the ability to create non-standard interfaces that take into account the unique requirements and needs of a particular user.

GUI Advantages of Asterisk GUI

The main advantage of this product is a significantly simplified use of Asterisk for the user, as well as the possibility of the phone system configuration according to specific needs. You can set the required parameters immediately after the first login hen the system will start the "Setup Wizard". We would like to point out the benefits of using this user interface in terms of its convenience:

  • It does not require Apache, PHP and MySQL because it uses the Asterisk web-server;
  • It is written in HTML and JavaScript;
  • Installing GUI does require supplementary software or libraries.

All the user needs to do to set this user interface is Asterisk running.

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Asterisk GUI Features

The standard GUI version, which comes with AsteriskNOW, has a set of the following features:

  • Subscribers (accounts for users);
  • Audio and video conferencing;
  • Voice mail;
  • Call Queue;
  • Calling terms;
  • Diagrams;
  • Voice menu;
  • Active communication channels;
  • Information backup;
  • Additional options.

A key component of the system is the Asterisk Manager Interface, through which you can manage Asterisk via external programs.

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