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What is the Difference between FXO and FXS in VoIP Gateways?


Those, who are just beginning to engage in VoIP-termination, often wonder: what is the difference between the terms FXO and FXS? Most often, the client come across these concepts at the stage of the purchase of the equipment that connects analog lines or classical PBXs to VoIP-system. In this article, we will try to sort out what is a voip fxo gateway and FXS gateways.

FXO and FXS ports

First, we will focus on what an FXO-port is. It is a so-called exchange termination that connects a specific device to a small telephone exchange. As a rule, landlines or PBX lines are connected to FXO. For the exchange equipment, the port serves as a target device - for example, a telephone set.

Now let us consider the concept of FXS-port. It is the subscriber line via which an ordinary telephone is connected to a dedicated device. FXS can be connected to a target device, i.e. telephones and PBX external ports. This equipment includes any device operating on the principle of exchange. It is worth noting that the PBX typically has FXS- and FXO-connectors.

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What are FXO- and FXS-gateways for?

You will need the FXO gateway to connect the analog lines to the PBX VoIP. This type of equipment allows you to connect the FXS port to the FXO, which is also available on the gateway and is designed for converting the analog signal to a VoIP-call.

And fxs voip gateway is used when you need to connect one or more conventional PBX systems to a similar IP-equipment or an Internet telephony provider. The gateway connects FXO ports, which in turn are connected to a carrier and then to the Internet or a VoIP-PBX.

It can be concluded that the choice of a VoIP-gateway primarily depends on the needs of a particular user and the equipment he has.

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