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What is VoIP SIP Protocol?


SIP is the most famous and widespread protocol used in IP-telephony that provides a so-called "alarm", i.e. the transfer of data between two computer devices. This English abbreviation stands for "Session Initiation Protocol" and describes a method to start and end communication sessions of users, including the exchange of multimedia information (voice traffic, audio and video conferencing, text messaging and so on).

How SIP-protocol operates

The call transfer principle using voip sip technology is quite simple. It is based on the "client-server" scheme. The user calls to a specific phone number, with the receiving party using the equipment that is both a subscriber and the server, through which the call is made. The server determines the location of the person who receives the call. It turns out that one device performs all the functions provided by the program, which minimizes the probability of failure in a VoIP system. The only thing the server depends on is the Internet connection. This fact must be taken into account.

In order to transmit the different data formats through the SIP protocol, the user must connect the proxy. It will digitize the traffic and transfer it to the IP-telephony format. This process is done automatically in just a few seconds and it does not affect the speed of information transmission.

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SIP History

To answer the question “what is sip voip?”, you need to go a little further in history. The IETF MMUSIC experts developed this protocol in 1996. Back in 2000, SIP was approved as the signaling protocol for the 2GPP project, as well as IMS core protocol. It also became the basis of Voice over IP, along with H.323. The experts developed the unique properties for the protocol, which provided high competitive advantages of the product:

  • Simple operation. SIP includes 6 functions only.
  • The protocol does not depend on the transport layer. It can use UDP, ATM and so forth.
  • The protocol makes the user mobile. The user can move unrestricted within the Internet network. This is ensured by assigning an identification code to the user.
  • Extensibility. SIP can be supplemented with a variety of functions when IP-equipment suppliers make new services available.
  • The scalability of the network. Based on SIP protocol, the network provides extension and increase the number of its components.

SIP protocol is a unique development, which serves as the basis for VoIP-telephony for a reason. It is rightly considered the concept of future communications.

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