13-May-2016 12:20

Correct Adjustment of the GSM gateway for the Efficient Functioning of the VoIP-systems

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The present-day market offers companies and online shops cost-effective solution for communication with customers. This is ip telephony where rates can significantly reduce costs of the company on the telephone services. Many companies already successfully use a VoIP system while others are still at the stage of decision-making. If you have already decided to purchase the equipment, you should realize that the correctness of its settings directly determines the efficiency of communication in your company.

It is better to entrust this work to professionals since any deviations from the required settings can lead to serious disruptions in the system, its incorrect operation or locked SIM-cards. In order to have high-quality communication and make money, you should provide the flow of information and the responsiveness of VoIP-system to any user queries.

Important principles of VoIP settings

When ordering services to set up the VoIP equipment, you should consider all the nuances. Here are the basic criteria that you should follow:

  • Call forwarding. If the company's employees are outside the office and you guarantee customers access to specialists 24/7, call forwarding will be helpful. The system will automatically redirect calls to the personal phone numbers of employees if they are on a business trip. Conversely, you can terminate via the gsm gateway to the office if the expert is on vacation.
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  • Recording greetings to customers will save you time, which is now a valuable resource for any company.
  • Texting about promotions, new products or services, loyalty programs allows you to increase customer confidence and ensure that the customer is interested in the company. The probability that the client will forget about your firm is reduced to a minimum. However, it is important to remember that the information received in the SMS-messages should match the occasion and be personalized. Therefore, it is worth mentioning again the importance of a competent tuning function setup.

How to protect the VoIP system against the SIM-card lock?

Even professional and incredibly fine-tuning of the VoIP equipment does not guarantee that your SIM-card will not be blocked by AntiFraud systems. The well-known fact is that mobile carriers carefully monitor those companies that are engaged in termination. This is not surprising because the IP-telephony is a serious threat to their business, in view of the high competitiveness of the product.

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