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Places to Install VoIP Phone Systems for Small Business


VoIP-telephony opens up new possibilities for communication between users. Many of those, who have tried, note the convenience, good quality, and speed of transmission/reception of voice files. In addition, VoIP, in contrast to the traditional and mobile communications, allows subscribers to pay for all calls at local rates. The reason being, entrepreneurs usually install the equipment in the different countries and cities to terminate calls, resell traffic, obtaining substantial profits up to $2,000 a month.

However, each country has its own specifics in termination. It must be taken into account in order to understand where it would be better to install VoIP phone systems for small businesses. The main criteria when choosing a country for GSM termination is the population, location of a country, the number of GSM subscribers, and labor migration.

Based on these criteria, many terminators successfully operate in the countries of South America, Asia and Africa. For example, South America is home to billions of people, mobile phones are developed, the migration of the population and the demand for international calls is high, because many people work in neighboring countries.

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Former socialist countries, such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Russia are also attractive for GSM termination. Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have the largest user base. Most of them have recently admitted the Western GSM operators to the market, thus improving the quality of communication and strengthening the AntiFraud-system.

Some entrepreneurs have a VoIP-business in the Middle East and Africa. Many people migrate to Saudi Arabia from Egypt, Algeria, and Somalia. Ten million people live in Somalia; most of them are GSM communication users that increase the demand for GSM termination.

However, beginners should not expect bright prospects, as many GSM carriers employ a strict AntiFraud. It quickly blocks SIM-cards suspected of termination, which is fraught with material losses.

Experienced entrepreneurs can circumvent AntiFraud by using skillful tactics to simulate the behavior of the living subscriber in the network. Parameters of the humanity that can be simulated are the movement, the calls to certain numbers, SMS, and USSD-requests. GoAntiFraud can take into account these AntiFraud parameters automatically and can increase your revenues.

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