07-Apr-2016 09:13

How can you start a VoIP termination business?


VoIP technology allows making calls to subscribers in other countries and cities at local rates, so the number of users of this technology is growing constantly. Using VoIP, many entrepreneurs save on calls and increase profits at the expense of new customers.

There are plenty of those who have already opened their business Voice over IP or going to do it. You can start working in this field in several ways. If knowledge in VoIP is small, it is better to take advantage of business on a turnkey basis by concluding a contract with a service provider so that experts handle technical issues. For example, you can use the New Business proposal by GoAntiFraud .

In addition, companies look for wholesale dealers in certain countries and cities, and want them to terminate their directions on the spot. This is the best offer for businessmen who want to work directly and in full force, expand their business in several countries or cities. Besides, this collaboration will allow to quickly capitalizing on the termination network expansion.

Connect to GoAntiFraud to obtain solid income in
GSM termination. GoAntiFraud provides an opportunity for you to run a profitable business using efficient tools to simulate human behavior on the network. We can help you customize the logic of termination in accordance with the features of your country, in order to minimize risks of SIM-block.

At the same time, some entrepreneurs have college education, therefore installation of the VoIP-equipment and maintenance for them is not a problem. This means that substantial savings are possible in the organization of VoIP GSM termination. Such experts offer to open a channel at convenient prices and often become originators who supply and process traffic at the same time.

However, any company needs a competent VoIP business plan. It should include an item on reduction in termination costs. Most of these issues, such as protection of SIM-cards, traffic reduction and autonomous operation of channels are already included in the GoAntiFraud business offer.

Starting from the turnkey ready business, you can build your own network. In the future, it is important to establish the percentage of the ratio of revenues and expenses for each type of income and plan the cost reduction.

No matter how VoIP-termination is carried out, this type of business will not take much time in the future, as well as can be easily automated and generate significant income.

Do you want to start a
GSM termination business? We offer you a turnkey solution for beginners - a comprehensive package that includes the tools to protect the SIM-cards from blocking, equipment produced by EjoinTech & ChinaSkyline, as well as a handy software to computerize the operation. ejointech

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