06-Apr-2016 11:51

VoIP-services for effective business communication


Nowadays, the business VoIP service is gaining momentum, especially in the field of communication. The transmission of information via the Internet, IP or PSTN (public network). A high quality communication service is of importance when the company expands.

Experience has proven that the efficiency of the contact centers by means of VoIP is much higher than through landlines, because it combines several types of communication such as GSM, PSTN and Internet chat rooms to quickly send and receive information via email, conduct video conferences and to be in touch with customers via the GSM network. VoIP allows you to stay connected anytime, even if the Internet is down for some reason. Then the call is forwarded to GSM or PSTN (landline). The GSM-phones of employees, who are on business trips abroad, are set up and supported by means of IP. Thus, communication with them is always available at low rates.

Conversation via VoIP-telephony is much cheaper, because the information transmitted has to be paid for. At the same time, VoIP connection is indispensable for companies who need a 24-hour and reliable communication system, availability of incoming calls, like by radio, for call-centers and so forth.

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In order to save on the communication, many entrepreneurs also use different VoIP-services for business. They can be: IP-telephony via SIM-cards, VoIP, including connection of an ordinary telephone to an adapter or a gateway, or through IP-phones connected to the Internet via your ISP. Service companies, as a rule, can provide one phone number that to make calls, send messages, specify a status, etc.

Client-server companies such as Betamax, SIPNET, Telme and others usually provide the IP-telephony. When selecting the companies, you should take into account tariffs for the direction or the country you are interested in. You should consider the directions that are free to make calls to. In this case, the customer pays for paid routes at the rate agreed with the carrier the free ones can be transmitted through the services that offer trial periods. For certain areas or periods, they can last up to 120 days as soon as the account is replenished.

As a result, VoIP-telephony frees you from unneedful calls to colleagues, from unnecessary trips to the clients’ offices, to branch offices for training and handling important issues, as well as extra spending on the various means of communication.

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