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Enhance the VoIP-telephony Capabilities


The Ata adapter allows you to connect a landline phone or a fax machine to the VoIP-system to make inexpensive international calls and submit their data to the digital system with IP. Installation and license fee differ. It all depends on the country of manufacturer and operator. At the same time, just by configuring the system, you can constantly make calls abroad from a connected computer.

With the help of adapters, you can identify subscriber numbers, make calls from the phone book, their forwarding, hold conferences, and configure the digital security and set the routing for all systems. Novice users confuse adapters and gateways. The adapters are much easier to configure than the gateways, and that’s why they are often used at home and in the office of novice entrepreneurs. It is also called SIP-adapter, FXS adapter, SIP VoIP-gateway, and in some cases ata voip gateway.

This class of devices differs in their paraphernalia, and a series of opportunities to support a different number of ports. It is better to acquire analog equipment from well-known companies, for example, Cisco. Sometimes providers offer it together with the device. Due to the simplicity of the device, the model selection accuracy is not critical. The main thing is to correctly connect the ata adapter to the system.

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Proper connection of the ata voip adapter

Analog phone equipment is implanted in the PBX device and connected to the PABX unit. This installation principle is usually expensive. There is another, more cost-effective solution: the adapter is connected to the WAN and LAN-port via the Internet to a computer network. An analog phone and a headset are connected to the jack. The adapter is connected directly to the Internet and the telephone network. At the same time, the equipment functions as an IVR-router and controlled via a built-in web-based interface.

This equipment has a built-in Ethernet switch and a WAN port that connects to the network with static DHCP, IP, and PPPOE. Most ATA has 2 ports: the internet on the rear panel, RJ-11 or RJ-45 jacks. To take full advantage of Internet telephony, it is important to select a device that supports additional functions: the transmission and retention of voice, a flash or a star button.

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