31-Mar-2016 10:40

How Can You Start Your Call Termination Business?


For years, one of the niches to make quick money is a call termination solution. However, it is not so easy to find a profitable and reliable proposal to start your call termination business.

Therefore, based on the experience of customers successfully working in VoIP GSM termination, GoAntiFraud company created a business solution that allows you to quickly get to work in the field of telecommunications. The unique business package, created with a view to optimizing overheads, can increase profits by minimizing expenses on new SIM-cards.

Thanks to the competent configuration of the call termination business solution by GoAntiFraud experts and through your kind involvement, the company can almost guarantee a return on investment and obtain a reasonable profit at the end of the first month. At the same time, you do not have to spend any additional time on capturing a new market.

The installation of the equipment (VoIP-gateways ) is entirely carried out by technical experts of the company. Then, all you need to do is follow the instructions and remotely adjust the channel loading as you perform call termination.

It is worth noting that many of the newcomers, counting on easy profit using the call termination solution, bought low-quality traffic from untrusted originators and wasted time on calls using small ACD.

Not to be mistaken with the choice of the originator, GoAntiFraud can offer high quality routes and proven traffic. In addition, the service takes into account all parameters of humanity applied by the carrier antifraud and can simulate them on the SIM-cards, thus prolonging the lifespan of SIM-cards and reducing unnecessary costs for the purchase of new ones.

At the same time, you do not have to move the equipment from place to place and do a lot of extra manipulation to bypass the carrier antifraud. This is all done automatically by the competent configuration available within GoAntiFraud.

As a result, the company can offer business call termination business solutions with an expected profit of about $1,800 a month. Your initial investment will be as follows: the installation costs in the first month - $830, the purchase of the service license - $430, the expected cost of the SIM-card replacement and payment for the Internet - $400.

Using this pattern provided by our company, about 2,000 users have been making, with their number constantly growing. The project the company has developed is unique and there is no other of this kind. We do not expect you to know everything about termination and would be happy to provide our knowledge and teach you everything so that you have an easy start in the call termination. Start making money with GoAntiFraud right now!

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