30-Mar-2016 12:21

Saving GSM Termination Bussines Solution


Many businessmen do not know how to save on calls, if their employees are in another city or abroad. The GSM termination helps entrepreneurs to reduce these costs. In order to improve the situation, you can install the equipment to terminate calls, with the only item of expenditure being payment for the Internet and mobile services at local rates.

Using VoIP skillfully, you can save considerably on corporate communication. Applying this scheme, voice traffic is transmitted over the network, compressed and fed further to the Internet. For this reason, payment for VoIP-communication is much less than the traditional telephony or GSM. The signals are transmitted in compressed form via the IP-routes. This ensures excellent voice quality without interference and stammering in a conversation. In addition, communication costs can be further reduced, if you optimize traffic properly, by, for example, using GoAntiFraud modules.

Connecting to this service will save terminators’ time and money and computerize the VoIP system and prolongs the lifespan of SIM-cards, owing to an accurate account of the parameters of humanity and disguise from the carrier AntiFraud.

We all know that nothing is so frustrating for terminators like a permanent lock of SIM-cards by GSM carriers. GoAntiFraud is the best GSM termination solution, which takes into account all the parameters of humanity the carrier antifraud applies and allows you to extend the operation of SIM-cards in the network.

The disguise settings are imitation of locations and movement of SIM-cards; the balance check via USSD; dialing of preferred numbers; fake SMS; substitution of IMEI; black and white lists of phone numbers to protect against carrier calls.

Thanks to automated and integrated approach the GoAntiFraud system uses, the terminator will not have to suffer losses due to blockage of the SIM-cards or pay more than usual, and network traffic consumption will be reduced by 3 times at once.

As a result, the GSM termination business with GoAntiFraud is much more efficient, since all the operations are computerized: call management, call forwarding and messaging, data recording, carrier SIM-card grouping.

The latter option saves costs, as many terminators tend to buy the cheapest packages from local carriers, and connect the GoIP-gateways to work within the network. The SIM-card grouping function, according to the carrier tariffs and packages, help to choose the cheapest tariff to make a call to a subscriber at the right time automatically, using GoAntiFraud.

When you connect and configure to be economical and efficient, it is important to properly install the gateways and the SIM-bank. The latter device is necessary for the purpose of storage sim-cards and automatic top-up at the right time. Installing the GoIP, its proper configuration and connectivity to the resource will not only allow receiving calls and communicating with other subscribers, but also carrying out bulk mailing, sending messages, and maintaining databases. Besides, VoIP GSM gateways can be located anywhere, and control can be carried out remotely via the mobile application.

The GoAntiFraud system has a function to protect the equipment. When communication with the SIM-bank is disrupted, information is stored and records are kept in the database. If there is no access to devices for some reason, you can control them remotely, using any mobile phone. Using additional settings, you can generate a powerful GSM termination business solution, which will become to the carrier AntiFraud.

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