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VoIP-equipment and Analog Telephony

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VoIP-technologies are interesting for businessmen, who plan to enter the international market, while retaining the low cost of communication between offices. To obtain this benefit, you need a dedicated telephone line and a device that converse digital signals to analog ones for further transmission to a local exchange.

To create such a network, an analog VoIP gateway is usually installed. Today, such equipment has the advanced functionality, including indicators for messages, the ability to record calls, improved voice transmission system, and so on.

The gateway works via programs that simulate the IP PBX. Unlike expensive devices, the gateway analog VoIP is sufficiently economical, compact and can support from 2 to 24 channels. Through them you connect telephone equipment, working through FXS or the FXO interface.

The FXO gateway is displayed on the IP PBX that sends a signal around the office. The FXS gateway allows you to connect the Internet to office telephony to transmit communications via a digital network.

As a rule, the Analog to VoIP devices are SIP-based, allowing to establish a communication session between devices (phones). However, you need to take into account the needs of the company and choose the appropriate type of devices that have the PRI, the BRI or T1 interfaces.

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Each of them can transmit a certain amount of information. If you plan to create a large flow of calls, you should choose equipment with high port density - PRI. BRI gateways fit for home use and small offices. They are easier to set up and connect. It should be noted that the analog to VoIP converter is compatible with all types of interfaces. Most of these devices are used to work with office printers and fax machines.

The analog to voip converter equipment is divided into several types - CLC, CLE, CLU, and CLE HT. The first two are used to transfer signals from the TCP/IP protocol in two-wire interface signs from LBus controllers (Legos), and are connected to the Internet network, the IP-address to be set up. CLU is used to transform the USB data to the two wire interface of LBus controllers. CLE HT is used to transmit data via TCP/IP.

Therefore, when selecting VoIP-equipment you should take into account the amount of data that you want to transfer via the network and to the analog devices and the local exchange. In case you want to increase the flow of calls and the number of leased lines, it is better off getting the equipment "for expansion" because it will be much more difficult and costly to reconnect and rebuild the entire network.

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